Our life purpose is the creation of the social and economic circumstances that will allow each individual full freedom of personal choice in every aspect of his/her life, without pressure and impositions but also in the same regard, without his/her pressure and imposition on any other.

Only in this way can there be true Freedom.


The basic goals of Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism are:

  • Financial Independence on a personal, communal, and state level
  • Psychological wellness on a personal and communal level
  • The development of identity for the Individual, the Community, the Nation, the State, and the Community of Humanity without hangups, intolerance, preconceptions and stereotypes, appeasement or isolationism, obscurantism and toxic antagonism instead of constructive competition and cooperation as in a common relay race
  • The ensuring of protection of physical, mental, and emotional health, wellness, development, exploration, and pluralistic self-realization in an environment of communal and socioeconomic security and objective equity
  • The elimination of inequality and its replacement with tangible and functional equity. This translates to equal access and satisfaction of needs and enjoyment as well as full actualization of every individual’s unique potential
  • The elimination of the concept of ‘superiority’ as well as ‘inferiority’ of human beings, individually or as a group, and its replacement with the concept of a “Human Rights interrelationship” which means that “we cannot cancel one’s Human Right for the protection of the same or similar Human Rights of someone else”.
  • The application of the Principles of Proportionality, Equality, and Isegoria (i.e. the right to participate tangibly in political discourse) within the state community (i.e., for all individuals and social groups living permanently and contributing equally and permanently to the state)
  • The elimination of wasteful consuming, of deprivation, and misery and their replacement with a no-waste economy, equity, and secured access to the goods that the state community produces, imports, and generally manages, with a goal of sufficiency, abundance, and affluence equally for all
  • The restitution, development, and replenishment of physical, geophysical, and socioeconomic resources, the ecological and clean production of energy and raw materials, and the priority to the protection of the environment with the correct symbiotic cohabitation and relationship with it and animals in particular
  • The restitution, protection, and successful claim of true Independence and Self-Reliance of the State, with respect to its individual parameters (e.g. whether it is Ethnically homogeneous or diverse, a State-mosaic, a Federal State, or a State Union, and so on) with the application and actual use for its benefit of every advantage, right, geopolitical position, resource, etc, it is in possession but without the undermining, manipulation, attack/expansionism or abuse or any other State.

All of these goals are specific, tangible and measurable with objective, scientific definitions and criteria that don’t allow for ‘creative’ or ‘subjective’ interpretations.

More details on all of the above goals are presented and discussed in the relevant books and essays on the subject.