The first thing needed for the advent of Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism is information and dissemination to every citizen, because the prerequisite of Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism is Popular (i.e. widespread acceptance) consent and active choice-participation since it is a regime of Direct Democracy.

So what you need to do is inform yourself first and then inform others. Keep in mind that in Direct Democracy, the political unit is the Citizen and not the Party (which is why in Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism there is no institution of the Political Parties) and therefore you as well, as a Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism must direct yourself to Citizens. You as well as they must become active representatives of their own self alone, aligned to the common goal of the preservation of the common good and common interest as that will be shaped by the actual majority and not just a minority that decides for and in the name of all of us.

Direct Democracy is the only pure/true form of Democracy and is directed at individuals who have rejected every form of totalitarianism as a precursor of fascism and absolutism. Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism was designed from the beginning to be the state system which will be based on Direct Democracy without risk of degeneration.

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