What is Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism?

What is Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism?

Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism is a social, economic, state and governance system. It is, therefore, the framework within which political action, state action, state and other sociopolitical structures and schemas as well as every other type of human activity takes place.

Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism is directed and regulated by certain principles that forbid the emergence of certain social ailments without obstructing or forbidding the full manifestation and expression of human initiative and application.


What Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism is not:

  Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism is not an offshoot, variation or manifestation of any existing socio-political, economic or state system. Therefore, Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism isn’t part of, type of or expression of: capitalism, communism, socialism, anarchism, liberalism, totalitarianism, theocratic totalitarianism or any other personage-centered system of representation of the individual.

Despite the fact that, it being a product and result of eclectic composition and thought, there are elements from certain systems in Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism, we cannot claim to be able to categorize it under any of them because it lacks the basic common structure of all those systems: the pyramidic construct .

Direct Democratic Anthropocentrism IS NOT a system of pyramidic construct but of a concentric cyclical construct .


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